Court Reporters

We offer an array of court reporting services for every type of case and hold our services to the highest standard. Our network of certified court reporters are dependable, accurate and friendly. They are proficient in all the latest technologies, including Realtime and deposition streaming.

Legal Videographers

Professional Court Reporting and Video provides state-of-the-art comprehensive legal videography services for depositions. Your videographers will set up the proper lighting and sound equipment, shoot live with multiple cameras in a digital format and provide a polished videotape of your depo synchronized with the reporter’s transcript.

Video Conferencing

Cut down on travel costs while getting the same face-to-face impact during your depositions with our video conferencing services. One call does it all – we’ll take care of setup, and with a simple phone call you’ll be able to take depositions from anywhere in the world.

Online Case Management

You’ll have full online and mobile access 24/7 to everything regarding your case, including your online calendar, transcripts, scheduling, billing and more. Download transcripts and exhibits from our online repository any time of the day or night once they are complete.


Professional Court Reporting and Video is a full service court reporting agency designed to meet the needs of law firms nationally. We provide certified court reporters and legal videographers for depositions, hearings and arbitrations in Philadelphia and all major US cities.

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Whether you need court reporters, translators, videographers or video conference rooms, just make one call and have everything booked by one case manager. Give us a call today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you cover that depo!

Gay Couple Speaks After Center City Attack

Written by phillynewsfeed. Posted in News

Investigators say a gay couple was walking in Center City when they were stopped by a group of people and brutally beaten on the corner of 16th and Chancellor. Both of the victims are now recovering from nasty injuries. On Monday, the victims broke their silence in hopes that the group will be caught by police.

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